Everything you need to know to offer a good truck wash service


You will be informed about how you can offer your clients the best truck wash, for them to keep their work tool in perfect condition and give an excellent service.

All vehicles matter to ISTOBAL, whether large or small, and we want them to always be clean. That is why we develop machinery that can meet all needs. If you want to know more about this subject, read this post. You will be informed about how you can offer your clients the best truck wash, for them to keep their work tool in perfect condition and give an excellent service.

A wide variety of lorries can be found on the market: tankers, trailer trucks or crane trucks among others. Therefore, our truck wash machines include a great many optional extras that make them fully versatile and ensure a perfect wash. Our ISTOBAL HW'PROGRESS model stands out. With a compact, robust design, it perfectly adapts to the specific features of each individual vehicle. Intended to further improve results, its optional extras include side high pressure, a chemical prewash, and an underchassis wash. Let's go into detail:

1.- Rocker panel high pressure

The perfect optional extra to complete the brush-wash process on the lower side of the truck or on corners inaccessible to the brush such as rims, underside, or tanks. 16 zero-angle nozzles spray pressurised water to remove dirt from the bottom of the vehicle, which is usually the dirtiest area.

2.- Chemical prewash

Combining a truck-washing machine with the right chemicals can be the key to success at your facility. A prewash with foamy chemical spray does not only draw people's attention but also saves a lot of time thanks to its automatic application.

3.- Underchassis wash

The underchassis wash is a highly recommended choice for commercial vehicles, as they really get dirty. Mud, dust and dirt build up on the lowest areas of the truck, which can damage the vehicle if it is not thoroughly cleaned. With entry photocells for an automatic operation, this optional extra is installed at the start of the bay.

Incorporated on your truck-wash machine, all these options contribute to the perfect wash, but remember it is also basic to meet environmental regulations. To that end, be very careful not to waste water unnecessarily and not to dump pollutants.

With our ISTOBAL HW’PROGRESS model, we have managed to increase water pressure by 75% during the most critical wash phase, consumption-wise. In this way, we do not only reduce water use by 45%; we also have better results as regards the quality of the final wash.

Did you know there is water treatment equipment that recycles water to reuse it in the first phases of your truck-wash rollover? ISTOBAL cares about your truck and we want it to look perfect after a good wash, but we are also aware water must be used in a responsible way. It is for that reason that we have two pieces of equipment to recycle water: the physical recycler and the biological recycler. The first system filters suspended particles in water with zeolite, for water to be reused in the first phases of the wash process. The second one uses bacteria that degrade organic matter in water.

So now you know about the optional extras that will make the difference at your truck wash and how to be environmentally friendly. But there is another very important point to be addressed if you want your machines to last a long time: maintenance.

When cleaning your truck-wash equipment, always use products specifically designed for vehicle wash facilities.  Not all cleaning products will do the job. They should have been properly tested for car-wash machinery. Therefore, it is important to use specific products such as those in the ISTOBAL esens® range.

Wear adequate footwear and clothing when cleaning the machine and remember to switch off all electrical equipment.

Recommendations and maintenance points can always be found in the user guides that come with our equipment. Keep the guide at hand, and please contact our engineers in case of doubt or if you have any questions.