The key to customer service in your car wash business: 7 tips


The customer is always right". Whether you are a client or a company, this well-known phrase is today's motto at caring-for-your-business. 

The customer is always right". Whether you are a client or a company, this well-known phrase is today's motto at caring-for-your-business. We consider it essential to take it to the practice if you want your car wash business to be customer-oriented and run smoothly. Broadly speaking, it means putting your business at the service of your customers. It is about drawing a road map on which the destination is maximum satisfaction and the best possible experience. That's why today we want to give you 7 tips to place your clients at the very centre of your business.

A customer focus is a business strategy. It is not just a matter of saying the right words and giving a good service. Business priority needs to be given to your clients, and satisfaction must be present in all the decisions you make. Giving customers the best car wash experience possible is paramount to us; that's why we develop effective, user-friendly solutions that are also lots of fun. Implement this philosophy on a daily basis, and try to be in your client's shoes.

Take good care of your car wash facility. We said this before. Good maintenance and cleaning is one of the most important points: the service we offer is all about vehicle cleaning, so nobody will want to wash their car in a dirty facility. Make sure everything is running smoothly, keep all washing areas clean, and check chemical levels. Lighting is also key. It is important to change the bulbs at due time, as good lighting makes the site comfortable and safe. Another idea: make it easy for your customers to keep your car wash facility clean by having bins at the jet wash and the vacuum area.

Align your employees with your customer-service strategy. The staff in charge of the facility have direct contact with clients. It is them who deliver the experience. Therefore, your employees must be aligned with your strategy and committed to achieving maximum customer satisfaction. It is important to invest in their training and motivation and in their professional image. They must know what the advantages of the different wash programs are, and they must always be friendly and helpful and give advice when necessary. This way, customers will notice the staff is at their entire disposal for doubts or problems, should these ever arise.

Learn, listen, assess. We also told you in previous features that getting to know your clients, their different user profiles and preferences is key to being able to focus the business on them. Understanding their needs,  expectations and frustrations will help you identify your strengths and your areas for improvement. Ask them what their degree of satisfaction is, as well as the reason why they keep coming back to your facility. Here's one idea: give customers the possibility of contacting the company with suggestions or complaints, or give them a telephone number in case of incidents.

Always up to date with innovation and technology. Don’t lag behind. Find new ways of making the most of all available means to make a difference and create value for your clients. Make your car wash facility different and innovative. Remember we live in a hyper-connected world, with fierce competition. Being up to date is essential to offering yourself as the best alternative.

Make the most of marketing actions. Finally, don’t forget to implement marketing actions to build customer loyalty via promotions, rewards, free services when you are recommended or discounts combined with other businesses in your area.

As you can see, there’s a lot to do if you want your carwash business to be customer-oriented. The customer is not only always right. They are also at the centre of your business.