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Softer, longer-lasting brushes that adapt better to the contours of the vehicle.

A good brush should deliver effective cleaning results, guaranteeing a high-quality wash while also protecting the chassis. Recently, we have made various improvements in order to make our brushes more durable, quieter, and more adaptable to the contours of any vehicle. If the brushes in your rollover or tunnel need renewing soon, keep an eye out for these new developments.

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10 accessories to update your car wash facility

As the saying goes: you've got to move with the times. If your car wash installation is in need of a change, there are lots of accessories and features you can incorporate to update your system – whether you have an automatic rollover or a manual jet wash. In recent years, we have developed various optional features that will transform your car wash installation and help you stand out from the competition. Here are just a few examples:

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